For us, solidarity and ecology go hand in hand. This is why, since January 1, 2019, 5 cents for each sale of Opaline juice (25 cl) and lemonades are donated to the Opaline Foundation. This means that every member of our community (reseller and/or consumer) contributes to:

  • Developing collaborative fruit farms where traditional and native variety of fruit trees are planted in collaboration with local farmers.
  • Contributing to a fair revenue for the farmers
  • Safeguarding biodiversity by selecting appropriate seeds and flowers on the farm
  • Offering inspiring and natural places accessible to all, young and old, through the organization of nature awareness workshops.

This would not be possible without a network of loyal and committed re-sellers who beyond selling sell our products, share our values and help us build a better world. Find some managers of our sales partners in this video:

The regenerative power of the eco-system

Since January 1, 2019, Opaline Factory has paid 5 cents to the Opaline Foundation for each bottle of Opaline juice (25 cl) and Opalin lemonade sold. Thank you to the entire community of “drinkers” who allows to better live the biodiversity, to value the professions of the land and to offer places of life and exchange in nature for men.


bottles of Opaline juice (25 cl) and Opaline lemonades sold since January 2019


francs donated to the Opaline Foundation


trees planted thanks to the Opaline “drinkers” community!