Number of bottles sold in 2018 – 1 million bottles, that’s 1 million times “yes” for a local and sustainable economy, more respectful of humans and nature. Thank you!


The number of people engaged in the Opaline Team, with strong work ethics based on solidarity, equal opportunities and fairness.

410 tonnes

The amount of fruits and vegetables bought in 2018, with the aim of promoting what nature has to offer and contributing to the support of local farmers.


The number of local farmers who collaborate with Opaline.


The number of bakers, grocers, coffee shops, restaurants and hotels that allow Opaline to grow and engage with us for a local and eco-responsible economy


The number of towns and villages in Switzerland that offer Opaline products.


The number of conferences and workshops in 2018 where we shared our know-how and allowed anyone who wished to be inspired by it to do so.


The number of events we supported in 2018 in the fields of culture, sport and education. Not to mention our harvesting campaign where our Opaline team harvested quince in private gardens and pears in a century-old orchard in Saillon.


The number of apple trees planted and grown organically in the first collaborative fruit farm of our Opaline Foundation.


The amount in francs donated to the Opaline Foundation through the donation of 5ct per juice (25cl) or Opaline lemonade purchased in 2019.