Opaline - poires

The apple. It is the main fruit used in our range of products. Today, apples also allow us to sweeten our lemonades with natural sugar.

Opaline - poires

We love pears and mix them with apples or quinces, infuse pear juice with verbena, or simply pure as a nectar.

Apricots, which are a sign for sunny days, are the star fruit in Valais. It is processed into a smooth nectar with little added sugar.

Raspberries and apples are combined in a real fruity delight. Our apple-raspberry elixir is a classic top seller of our range.

Elderberries, known to cleanse and purify the body,  offer a great treat for the taste buds.

Quince is an essential flavour to immerse yourself in your childhood memories. Our anecdote of 2018: we harvested quince throughout French-speaking Switzerland from private individuals who no longer had the time to harvest and/or produce wonderful jams or juices. 5’000 Kg could thus be squeezed for our juices!

More details about fruits and vegetables will be available soon.